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December 23, 2019

Benefit 2020 Auction Items: Krista Dedrick Lai’s ‘… but so far away’

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Deborah Kostianovsky

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You don’t want your walls to be shrinking violets. You want the walls of your home to sing with raw emotional power, with saturated color. You’re not interested in art that is merely decorative and matches your furniture. That’s not for you. Yet you crave beauty in that strength. You want the art on your walls to tell a story, capture some aspect of our emotional, social, or political existence.
Then this powerful acrylic painting by Krista Lai, entitled …but so far away, measuring 10″ x 10″ x 2″ is a must have. As stated by the artist: “This work was created from a place of grief, rage, and shock in response to the cruel immigration policies and crimes carried out by the Trump administration.” And we can see rage and pain in the color scheme, in the barbed wire, in the dramatic, crowded perspective. And in its harsh beauty, it’s a reminder of the complex world in which we live, of the fact that images can speak louder than words, and that walls really can talk.
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