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January 30, 2020

Benefit 2020 Auction Items: Jon Manteau’s ‘Beethoven at 13’

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Lily Horner

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Beethoven was one of the first punk rockers. Feel free to fight me on this but hear me out! He pioneered the romantic era of classical music and broke the rules that were in place for several years. While the classification “romantic” may sound soft and cute, Beethoven composed some serious headbangers. He didn’t follow societal norms or abide by the class system, to the annoyance of many stuffy 19th century social circles. But because of his superb genius, they put up with his rule-breaking attitude.
Artist Jon Manteau’s Ludwig van Beethoven at 13 (auction #123) captures the spirit that Beethoven embodied. By graffitiing a formal portrait of Beethoven, Manteau reframes how we see the musical prodigy. Manteau rebels from conventional portraiture in this work, the way Beethoven rebelled against musical norms, and we as 13 year olds rebelled against our parents.
Come bid on Manteau’s piece at our 2020 Benefit, one of many fabulous artworks included in this year’s silent auction! Buy tickets for January 31st and/or February 1st. Can’t make it to the event? Bid online!
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