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August 10, 2017

At the Philadelphia Airport: Experience Art Before Your Flight With These Installations

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Kim Minutella

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Taking flight in 1998, the Philadelphia Airport launched Art at the Airport: a nationally acclaimed exhibition program curated and directed by the Airport’s Exhibition Program. Since then, the program has made the airport home to hundreds of exhibitions, all featuring a wide variety of work from local artists. Designed to celebrate the Philadelphia visual arts community,  Art at the Airport welcomes travelers to the city, giving travelers just a small taste of its creative side.  
Currently exhibiting at PHL International, are several of our InLiquid Artists: Michel Delgado, Lyn Godley, Deirdre Murphy, and Sarah Zwerling.  Get to know a little bit about these artists below, and check out a small sneak-peak of what’s up at the airport!
Michel Delgado: The Gum Spotting Experience  
“Growing up in Senegal, on the west coast of Africa, life and art shared the same space. They were indistinguishable. As a young boy in Dakar, I learned that art is the tool I have for a direct and honest conversation with my own heart… I’m a self-taught painter, able to create in any medium, always painting work that is straightforward and personal, work coming from a place within me that is constantly loud and growing.”
— Michel Delgado, Artist Statement
A self-taught painter and illustrator Michael Delgado has taken inspiration from sidewalk gum for this latest exhibition of work at the airport in Terminal F. Gum on the sidewalk is of course, a staple in any urban environment, and Michel has taken that and stuck his own spin in the form of colorful and quirky paintings.
Lyn Godley: SOAR
“Lyn Godley began her career in Fine Arts, and then spent 25 years working as a designer, bringing form and beauty to functional objects. Her work, done both individually and as a partner of Godley-Schwan (1984-1998) has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous public and private collections.”
— excerpt from Lyn Godley, Artist Biography
Lyn Godley is a fine artist that works with a variety of mediums, such as drawing, sculpture, lighting, and 3D. SOAR is an installation of light and sculpture that transforms Terminal C with its neon tubes. Like something out of science fiction, SOAR is a must-see.
Deirdre Murphy: Sky Paintings
“Deirdre Murphy has been researching the effects of climate change on bird migration for several years, using the visual data that scientists share with her to conceptualize and execute her paintings.”
— Deirdre Murphy, Artist Statement
Spreading her wings, Deirdre Murphy has a series of paintings located in the halls between Terminals C and D that feature birds in flight as they travel across broad and colorful landscapes.
Sarah Zwerling: Hamilton Street, Philadelphia
Sarah Zwerling is a Philadelphia artist that works in various digital mediums and printmaking for installations. Her work focuses on a blend between nature and urban architecture. You can find her display, Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, at Terminal A- East, in which she has shared the experience of what it is like to walk down the West Philadelphia residential street.
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