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February 5, 2015

At Benefit v.15, Culture Wins Back Your Weekend

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Erica Minutella

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At Benefit v.15, Win Back Your Weekend with an art-all-weekend party that includes Young Professionals Night on Friday, February 6, the VIP Preview and Main Event on Saturday, February 7, and an art pickup party on Sunday, February 8. Art collectors, experienced and fledgling alike, can immerse themselves in this Philadelphia art-world in miniature, where pieces in every medium and at every price point are just a smartphone click away.
Young Professionals Night introduces guests to the importance of participating in the arts economy. The Crescendo Club is just one of 24 groups that will be joining InLiquid to talk about the importance of getting engaged, and staying invested, in Philadelphia’s cultural institutions. Marija Ugrinich, a volunteer with the Curtis Institute of Music, discusses the hidden gems of the Rittenhouse Square space.
Can you tell me about The Crescendo Club?
The Crescendo Club of the Curtis Institute of Music started five years ago with the primary goal of introducing young Philadelphia professionals to the best music conservatory in the nation. Our membership is quite diverse with regards to background, profession, and musical talent, but we are all united by overwhelming pride and excitement when these young musicians perform.
What is your role within the organization?
As members of the Crescendo Club Board, our primary goal is to introduce this Philadelphia demographic to the Curtis Institute of Music. How many people know that this gem is right on Rittenhouse Square and offers free concerts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8PM? The recitals range from classical to contemporary music played by the finest music students in the United States. From Samuel Barber and Leonard Bernstein to Lang Lang and Hillary Hahn, all have graced the stage on 18th and Locust, where brilliant recitals are still held throughout the school year.
What benefits does your organization offer a young professional?
Crescendo Club members enjoy special evening concerts that are hosted by members of the Curtis faculty, networking events which feature student and alumni performances, and discount tickets for concerts and operas. In addition, any contributing member can feel assured that their entire donation is pledged to supporting the Crescendo Club Fellowship, which allows a student to attend Curtis tuition free each year.
Is there a value to young professionals participating in the arts economy by supporting cultural institutions?
Young professionals need to invest in the communities where they plan to build their careers and in many cases, raise their families. The arts, by their definition, encourage new perspectives and the Curtis Institute continually challenges and rewards its patrons.
What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Young Professionals Night?
We are excited to share our love of Curtis with new friends. Our next event is on February 20, and we hope you will join us!
Meet, mingle, and network with The Crescendo Club and other young professionals groups at Young Professionals Night on Friday, February 6, or join us at Benefit v.15 on Saturday, February 7
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