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January 15, 2015

At Benefit v.15 Beer Wins Back the Winter

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Erica Minutella

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At Benefit v.15, Win Back the Winter with our annual silent art auction and fundraiser. InLiquid invites guests to Crane Arts on Saturday, February 7 for a winter beer garden, heated and tented to beat back the winter chill. Philadelphia Brewing Company provides the mead for this modern-day Valhalla.
Last year, I visited Philadelphia Brewing Company for a tour, and a sneak peek at our beverage sponsor. Every Saturday from noon – 3 pm, PBC opens its doors to the public, so city strays can soak up suds in the Tasting Room and travel backstage for a brewery tour.
After confronting an ominous door cautioning visitors to ‘ring bell for entry’ – and wondering briefly if I’d be required to show the Ruby Slippers – I squeezed my way through a small souvenir shop. After climbing the stairs in back, I shrank Alice-like as the room upstairs swallowed me in an expanse of wooden beams and streams of light. According to the festive decorations decking the hall, it was still holiday season at PBC. Or maybe in a hall where the beer flows free, the holidays just never leave.
After grabbing tasting glasses at the bar, we followed our tour guide into the slippery heart of Philly brewdom. There we learned about the alchemical secrets of yeast and hops, discovered that William Penn was a brew-master, and watched a lineup of bottles swing dance their way through the assembly line.
The tour ended in the packing room, where empty boxes stacked around the room, bearing names like “Kilty Pleasure” and “Commonwealth”, brooded with the potential energy of barroom buzzes. It was there that we were each given ‘the best glass of beer in our lives,’ as promised by our guide: cold-filtered and freshly capped.
‘Freshness’ is PBC’s clarion call. Trucks travel directly from the brewery to local bars, reaching no further than Pittsburgh. Each case of beer carries more than a ‘best by’ date – its a number seal that guarantees quality, since PBC will buy back any beer from a bar that’s passed its date.
After taking a swig from the freshly-brewed Kenzinger – not usually my beer of choice – it was easy to see why. It was crystal-smooth oasis water. Turns out beer – just like revenge – is best served cold.
You can find your favorite fresh taste at Benefit v.15 on Saturday, February 7. Or join us for Young Professionals Night on Friday, February 6.
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