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April 10, 2018

Artists Revisit What Inspires Them in “Inside Out” & “Outside In” at The InLiquid Gallery

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Elizabeth Roan

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As InLiquid continues its programming in our new home gallery, a new exhibition opens this month. Part of a two-part exhibition, InLiquid presents Inside Out and Outside In. Inside Out will open April 12th on Second Thursday and will run for one month. Curated by Susannah Gold and featuring the work of Cynthia Back, Agathe Bouton, Justin Bursk, Paula Cahill, Joan Wadleigh Curran, Kit Donnelly, Patrick Hay, Olivia Jia, Jennifer Johnson, David A. Karasow, Jen McCleary, Deirdre Murphy, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Paul Santoleri, Terri Saulin, Robert Solomon, Christine Stoughton, Alice Thompson, Kathleen Vaccaro, Jorge Luis Vega, Hanna Vogel, Pedro Zagitt, Dganit Zauberman.
Homage to Cezanne by Christine Stoughton
Many artists often return to a subject that brings fresh inspiration every time it is revisited. Paul Cezanne often returned to the heights and fresh air of Mont Sainte-Victoire. Georgia O’Keefe was lured by the flowers and succulents of the American Southwest. And Jeff Koons always had a soft spot for balloon animals. Inside Out is an exhibition of InLiquid Artists Members who were invited to show us the psychological lure of a geographical or imagined space that begs to be explored, re-explored, and having the greatest influence on their artwork.
Curated by InLiquid Curatorial member and Art Historian Susannah Gold, artists return to a place of familiarity for new inspiration because “these preoccupations inform the artists’ methods,” she says, “and guide their compositions, resulting in work that describes their highly personal and deeply considered motivations.”
Mount(a)inside by Dganit Zauberman
Inside Out and Outside In is a two-part exhibition examining the place and the effect of location on artists creative practice. Outside In will immediately follow, and opens on May 10th. Outside In will be an exhibition that reflects a definitive outside influence on artists’ methods and compositions. From emigrating to the United States to painting while being a new mother, the circumstances and constraints of an artist’s experience and environment can profoundly affect how, when, and why art is made. This exhibition features several artists whose life bears a visible shape on their work, which transcends circumstance and becomes unique and compelling art.
The opening reception for Inside Out will be on Thursday, April 12th from 6-8PM at the InLiquid Gallery. All artwork is for sale along with individual prints by the artists, available for instant purchase. Babelfish will also have a table, selling unique handmade jewelry.

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