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May 23, 2011

Artist Profile: Lynnette Shelley at Art for the Cash Poor 12

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Alison McMenamin

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InLiquid member Lynnette Shelley is one of the 120+ artists participating in Art For the Cash Poor on June 11 and 12. All of the work at the event, including Lynette Shelley’s giclee prints and small, framed originals, is priced at $199 or less.
Influenced by myths and fairy tales, Lynette Shelley creates illustrations of animals and fantastical creatures. She is interested in Jungian archetypes and the recurring motifs that appear in stories and legends across cultures. The artist sees the use of animals in her work as a way to express humanity’s relationship to the natural world. She notes the cultural importance of animals as omens, personifications of gods, and figures in cave paintings. Because of their psychological resonance, Lynnette Shelley is able to use animals as a way to explore ideas of the collective unconscious.
Join us on June 11 and 12 for InLiquid’s Art For the Cash Poor event. All works are priced at $199 or less, with many well under $100. In addition to artwork for sale, there will also be live music, beer provided by the Philadelphia Brewing Company, food, raffles, and more. There is still time for interested artists to register for this event, and volunteers are always appreciated.
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