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August 22, 2018

Artist Behind the Art: Andrea Caldarise & Rebecca Jacob

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Get to know member artists Andrea Caldarise&Rebecca Jacob, in the studio and beyond. We asked about their process, interests, hidden talents, and — dare we say — favorite animals!
What are your studio rituals?
Caldarise: Keeping a daily drawing-thought journal, and I like to do small collages from pieces of paper I find along the way. It jump starts the studio day.
Jacob: That’s top secret information.

What’s something bizarre most people don’t know about you?
Caldarise: Strangers often feel the urge to confide in me. This happens frequently and I always listen to the very end, or to my subway stop- whichever comes first.  
Jacob: I am a closet poet.
What color do you think you speak in?
Caldarise: Teal and variations of phthalo blue.
Jacob: Blue. Blue is commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, the imagination, cold, and sometimes with sadness…pretty much the gamut of how I feel about my work.

What’s your least favorite medium?
Caldarise: It used to be acrylic, but then we became friends last year. We’re at a mutual understanding point- he knows that oil is my soul mate, but steps in when needed. Now my least favorite medium is colored pencils.
Jacob: Acrylic. I used it in art school and loathed it. The smell, the texture and it comes across as hard.
Favorite Philly coffee shop?
Caldarise: Rocket Cat was my favorite, but ReAnimator is next best.
Jacob: The original La Colombe on Rittenhouse Square.
Parakeets or sugar gliders?
Caldarise: Sugar gliders.  
Jacob: Neither

What’s the most important thing for an artist to do?
Calarise: Conquer the fear of the white paper, and even if you’re not showing work, you’re still participating in the creative part of yourself if you’re making.
Jacob: Be true to your inner voice.
Thanks to both artists for participating.  Be on the lookout for more interviews with our members artists!
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