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Art for the Cash Poor
May 23, 2019

Art for the Cash Poor 2019 Honoree: Meryl Levitz

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Olivia Haynes

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Art for the Cash Poor Kickoff Event is around the corner–May 30th to be exact! If you didn’t know already, supporting InLiquid with your ticket purchase to the Art for the Cash Poor Kickoff means you will be further enabling InLiquid’s work of making the visual arts of Philadelphia accessible. We are working to break the creation of art, the enjoyment of art, and the collecting of art out of the cast of being “high-brow” or “elite,” and in other words, inaccessible and hidden.
Visit Philadelphia enables and helps mobilize InLiquid and spaces like InLiquid and makes visible and showcases all of the otherwise unknown gems Philadelphia has to offer. For this 20th Installment of Art for the Cash Poor, we will be honoring Meryl Levitz, the Founding President and former CEO of Visit Philadelphia and her profound impact on activating arts and culture in the city of Philadelphia over the past four decades. A Philly transplant, Levitz moved to Philadelphia from Chicago in 1976 and noticed that all the wonderful things Philadelphia had to offer were not being noticed or appreciated by outsiders, like herself. She tasked herself with correcting that mistake; Levitz wanted to and to succeeded in, making Philadelphia known and a place people want to visit. In 2017 Philadelphia welcomed 43.3 million U.S. visitors and made $11.5 billion in economic impact. Visit Philadelphia serves as a platform to share and highlight everything going on in Philadelphia besides the Liberty Bell, the Philly cheesesteak, and Rocky Balboa, although they’re all noteworthy.
Visit Philadelphia broadens the community InLiquid is working to build. Visit Philadelphia, led by Meryl Levitz, set the example and the standard for other organizations and businesses trying to showcase their talents and making that information accessible to all. We thank Visit Philadelphia for making sure Philly is seen, appreciated, and celebrated. Please join us in celebrating, acknowledging, and making visible the woman behind it all, Meryl Levitz.

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