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Art for the Cash Poor
June 12, 2018

Art for the Cash Poor 2018: This Weekend’s Live Musical Performances

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This weekend at Art for the Cash Poor, InLiquid’s fabulous annual block party-style art fair (this year in the new location of Spring Arts District of Callowhill), sip on a cold beer, snack on sweet and savory food truck dishes, and enjoy live musical performances from local Philly bands while you browse through 100+ street vendors selling original artwork ranging from paintings, ceramics, photographs, jewelry, handbags, and fashion!
Check out the band lineup for this Saturday, June 16th, 2018, from 12-6pm, all performing at the stage on Buttonwood Street:
Poppy @ 2:30 PM
Poppy, with Kate Campbell on guitar and vocals, Brian Campbell on bass and vocals, and Craig Heim on drums, is a trio that has taken Philadelphia by storm with their music for over 20 years. Reminiscent of 90’s alternative rock,  you can preview some of their greatest hits here, for free on Bandcamp!
Kate Dressed Up @ 1:30 PM
Band Bio: “Kate Dressed Up is an indie folk artist from New Jersey. She likes long walks in the wilderness and singing in the rain, without the rain part. She absolutely loves cats, actually, wait, no: just her cat. Kate recently released a self-produced single called History & Art, available for streaming/purchase on Bandcamp.”
7@7 @ 3:45 PM
7@7 is more than just a band: they’re an attitude! With a lot of heart and personality, these guys bring something fun and different to the stage. Be sure to come out on Saturday to see them, and take a look at their Facebook page to see some of the latest updates on performances and tours!
Jimmy Kelleher @ 5:00 PM
It takes a lot of guts to step out on stage solo, and Jimmy Kelleher has the drive and the talent. Under the spotlight on Saturday,  see this one-man band perform, and check out his music here on Bandcamp!

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