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June 7, 2013

Art for the Cash Poor 14 Featured Artist: Delia King

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“The Shore To Love Mural Tour is really a whole process. I never really realized how big New Jersey was before I started the program. It’s really just me and my little orange car.” – Delia King
After seeing the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on the shore and on her hometown, Wildwood, New Jersey, artist Delia King immediately took action.
“Seeing the effects of Hurricane Sandy inspired me to organize The Shore to Love Mural Tour: a program that brings people back into their communities through art,” King explains.
With the help and support from fellow artists, Diana Gonzalez, Tara Wosiski, and The Chroma Dolls LLC, King hopes to unify communities by replacing debris with large and colorful murals.
“I want to give people a fun way to reconstruct their communities. People just come and we give them smocks and brushes and they help to paint the murals, they help to make their homes beautiful again,” King says.
Because King’s program has become so successful, she plans on making Shore To Love official so that she can help turn destroyed communities into cultural hubs where victims can reunite and feel safe.
“I am talking with various organizations about where this is going to move into.”
During InLiquid’s Art For The Cash Poor 14, King is going to use all of her profits made during the event towards The Shore To Love so that she can continue helping others.
“I am planning on selling tournaments, which are basically 3” double-sided glass paintings. I am also playing with the idea of creating a ruin tournament, which would probably be a line drawing of a roller coaster on the boardwalk” King explains.
To support The Shore To Love New Jersey, readers can buy King’s artwork for around $70.00-$100.00 during Art For The Cash Poor. All profits will be used towards the creation of King’s polytech murals in The Shore To Love Mural Tour.
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