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December 9, 2016

An Artist Testimonial to the Benefits of InLiquid Membership

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​​Matthew Hall

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One of our member artist’s testimonials was too powerful not to share in full:
The transition from art student to art professional is difficult, and the reality is, universities do little to prepare artists for the world outside the studio classroom. After graduating with my BFA, I didn’t know how to approach galleries and secure exhibitions, which resulted in a twelve-year gap in my artist resume. After pursuing and receiving my MFA, the single most important decision I made for my career was applying to InLiquid’s artist registry. The curator of my first unsolicited group exhibition and the director of the gallery that now represents me, found me on the registry. In addition to this incredible service, InLiquid offered me my first solo exhibition and is responsible for numerous other exhibitions and introductions to significant industry professionals which has resulted in major painting sales, relationships with consultants and collectors, a recent group exhibition at Stanek Gallery, and an upcoming solo exhibition at URBN Gallery 543. What Rachel, Sara, and InLiquid have done and continue to do for my career is invaluable — I am grateful for all I have achieved and for their unflagging dedication to supporting me and other Philadelphia-area artists.
—Michele Kishita
Michele has also recently launched a project we’re excited about, a writing service specifically for the art world. Check it out at:
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