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May 16, 2013

AFTCP14 Featured Artist: Heather Ossandon

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Erica Minutella

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Before you get overwhelmed by the crowds, get to know what you can expect from the artists at Art for the Cash Poor 14. This week’s featured artist is Heather Ossandon.
Tell me a bit about yourself.
I’ve always had a fascination with objects, colors, and especially functional work. My house growing up was full of artifacts, especially ceramic ones, from both far away and close places. This definitely spurred my interest in being an artist. Through my military family, I was born in the Philippines, lived in England, and subsequently moved to the East Coast. All of these experiences informed both my wanderlust and desire to connect with communities through the practice of art.
I have been traveling, teaching, and making ceramics for the past 13 years. I enjoy not only the personal process of making art, but that the work I make can be enjoyed and handled by so many, and on a daily basis.
What kind of work will you have for sale at Art for the Cash Poor 14?
My most recent series of pottery is inspired by the architecture, graffiti, murals, and people of Philadelphia. I wanted all the pots to be unique, and carry with them their own personalities. I use underglazes, glazes, slips, draw on, and then alter the pots. They all have the basic substructure, as I mostly use the wheel to make my work, but the surfaces are a new experiment in expression and are really all about having fun.
Have you ever participated in AFTCP before?
I participated 2 years ago. I met artists, ate good food, listened to music, sold pots, and had a wonderful time.
What are you looking forward to most about the event?
It’s always nice to see what other people are working on, meet other local artists, and have a place to get out and enjoy the company of friends.
What else do you have on the horizon?
The Nina, the Pinta & the Santa Maria: Musings on explorations and discoveries at County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ- where I am an adjunct professor in ceramics. The works are both 2D and 3D, showing until May 10.
Artists For a Shore Cause at Matt Burton Gallery in Long Beach Island, NJ, June 1 – July 8, opening reception June 1.
70 Rupees to Paradise Road on the Tall Ship Gazela, during the Gazela Arts Fesival, Philadelphia, September 28 -October 7, opening Sept. 28.
June 15 – August 15, studio manager for the ceramics department at Sugar Maples Center for the Arts, Catskills Mountain Foundation, where we have lots of workshops available. I will be working on large scale, site-specific outdoor installations, and firing lots of kilns of course.
September, I will be packing it up to head off to Graduate Studies at University of Delaware!
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