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Art for the Cash Poor
May 30, 2013

AFTCP14 Featured Artist: Daniel Ricardo Teran

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Erica Minutella

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Before you get overwhelmed by the crowds, get to know what you can expect from the artists at Art for the Cash Poor 14. This week’s featured artist is Daniel Ricardo Teran.
How did your passion for art originate?
I feel like every child has the potential to enter a creative field; It’s just sad that, more often than not, kids are not allowed to, or don’t have access to, facilities and teachers that allow them to cultivate their creativity, let alone their appreciation and understanding of the arts as being culturally relevant and important. I was very lucky to have parents and be exposed to others that were excited and supported my creative mind.
I received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2007 and have since completed residencies at Watershed Center For The Ceramic Arts, and The Armory Art Center. I currently live and work in Philadelphia. The myriad drawings on my pottery are derived from many sources: political newspaper clippings, sketchbook drawings, peculiar and nondescript found objects, and old medical illustration books. I am an obsessive news reader/NPR listener and I watch as many movies and documentaries concerning the reality of the world as possible. Inevitably, and often subversively, these info binges influence my work. My thrown forms act as a functional stage upon which I am intimately able to express and compose complex narratives.
My partner, Naomi Cleary, and I live and work in Brewery Town of North Philadelphia. We are part of a larger group of artists in the neighborhood renovating dilapidated properties into live-work spaces.
Can you tell me about the work you will have for sale at Art for the Cash Poor 14?
I will be bringing a variety of works to this year’s Art for the Cash Poor: cups, plates, bowls, self-portrait toothpick holders, large urns, and more, all of which have individual stream of consciousness sgraffito* drawings.
What are you looking forward to most about the event?
It’s a great event and I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces! Art for the Cash poor brings in such a wide variety of people and it’s wonderful to speak with and engage with all of them.
Do you have any other upcoming events?
I just finished doing Art of the Pot in Austin, TX, and will be participating in several other national shows. Come September 10, I’ll be having a solo exhibition at the Schaller Gallery in St Joseph, MI. Busy busy, but I love every bit of it.
*Sgraffito is a means of applying white, or colored slip to a clay body and carving through the slip to reveal the clay body underneath the slip
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