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May 22, 2018

AFTCP Kickoff with DJ Sharyn Stone and A Good Cause

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Suji Kanneganti

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Just one month until Art For the Cash Poor 2018! It’s been crazy here at InLiquid’s home office, getting ready for this huge block party next month–our 19th to be exact. We’re ecstatic to be hosting the event at Spring Arts District of Callowhill this year–a new change of pace from our home in Crane Arts.
On top of this, we’re hosting a kickoff party (you’re invited!) with Matt Beierschmitt, a.k.a DJ Sharyn Stone at Love City Brewing Company, where guests can enjoy brews, bites, and beats all the while benefiting the AIDS Fund.  Matt has worked with the AIDS Fund for over 5 years and is equally passionate about the cause as he is for DJing:
Matt Beierschmitt, a.k.a DJ Sharyn Stone
“One the greatest developments I’ve seen since having been at AIDS Fund is our HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns. The epidemic is not over. People are still being infected, but now the hardest hit communities are no longer gay white men, so many people aren’t listening or throwing their support behind the cause. Other communities are being ravaged by this disease and still need our help, especially when 1 in 4 new infections are among youth aged 13 through 24.”
All ticket sales will raise money for this cause, as well as grant guests a special sneak peek at select artwork that will be available at AFTCP’s Main Event, all the while jamming to Matt’s groove.
“[DJing] is a great way for me to be social and have a good time.  It takes me out of my comfort zone,”  says Matt, “when the crowd is really feeling a certain genre, I challenge myself to keep finding bops in that genre so they will keep dancing.”
I like the sound of that!  We’re looking forward to a fun night–see you there.

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