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November 14, 2017

Add to Your Collection This Meditative Piece by Nancy Agati

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You don’t need to practice yoga to know that meditation brings a wealth of goodness, both mentally and physically—even better with a visual catalyst. For InLiquid Artist Nancy Agati, a recent Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellow, she has been investigating the intersection of mindfulness and meditation and their relation to the art-making process. Through her multidisciplinary work, Nancy Agati addresses the natural evolution of things with a unique focus on the physical investigations of materials and the effects of time. For her piece, Continuum-Mars, (2015, mixed media painting on paper, mounted to panel, 26″ x 40″), the series of the same name began with a collection of design elements, loosely based on water patterns. These patterns were then repeatedly drawn, rotated, and layered to form a series of images. Meditative like repetitious hum, and although chaotic at first-glance, mathematical in its exploration of visual possibilities.Continuum-Mars is one in a series of eight similar, yet distinct paintings.
For anyone looking to enhance their living space, their meditative intentions, or just anyone who has an appreciation for nature and its evolution, this piece serves as a wholesome reminder for alignment and balance.
Agati has exhibited her work throughout Philadelphia and nationally, with solo exhibitions at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia; Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC; Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Harrisburg; The Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia; Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA; ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation, Chicago; and others. She holds a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Alfred University and an MFA from The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia. In 2012, she worked as an artist-in-residence at Lo Studio dei Nipoti in Calabria, Italy. This past summer of 2017, she was awarded a two-week residency at Main & Station in Nova Scotia for her piece entitled Nectar.
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