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February 19, 2019

A Reception For Two

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Nell Mittelstead

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It is not very often that InLiquid gets to celebrate two shows at once. But in this case, we should be so lucky to be doing exactly that. This Thursday, February 21st at 5:30, InLiquid and The Yard will be getting together to celebrate our new partnership at  The Yard.
The reception will be not only be celebrating the opening of this partnership with the exhibition Catalyst, but it will also be the closing reception for the Colin Keefe + Agathe Bouton exhibition right across the street at another one of our partner spaces, East Market!
Catalyst will showcase eight InLiquid Member Artists from the area of Philadelphia whose art has flourished over the past years. These artists–Elyce Abrams, Jaime Alvarez, Tiantian Li, Enzhao Liu, Jenny Lynn, Gerri Spilka, Tremain Smith, and Scott Troxel–will be featured across 4 different floors. This exhibition aims to be a catalyst for the education of and the increased accessibility of artwork made by local artists. To preview works featured in the show, check out the variety of works, ranging from textile pieces, to photography, to oil paintings on Artsy.
Across the street at East Market, InLiquid members Colin Keefe and Agathe Bouton both draw inspiration from urban environments, pulling moments of peace and organization from places that are otherwise chaotic and often unpredictable. Keefe’s work, which uses organic models from biological and astrological reproduction, transform urban planning into something that feels almost fragile. Bouton’s work has a similar effect. Drawing inspiration from the history and lives evoked in the buildings that fill an urban environment, Bouton’s prints turn the lives of buildings into a moment of reflective quiet.

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