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May 17, 2017

A Painter’s Look at Art for the Cash Poor – Dolores Poacelli

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Arielle Kessler

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InLiquid is proud to present our annual summer art fair at the Crane Arts building, Art for the Cash Poor 2017. Based on the premise that everyone can be an art collector, AFTCP is one of the longest running art festivals in the Kensington/Fishtown area. The focus of the event is that all works, both by emerging and established artists alike, are priced at under two hundred dollars. It is a unique event that brings artists and the public together in an accessible way for everyone.
To kick off the following weeks leading to Art for the Cash Poor, each week we will feature a few of our vendors, their medium, and most of all: why they do it.
This week we celebrate paintings. All art is made possible by painters: from caves all the way to chapels. Painters take the three-dimensional world and show us a new and imaginable world reified through a two-dimensional format, whether it’s through abstraction or photo-realism. One painter in particular who accomplishes this is InLiquid artist Dolores Poacelli, one of the many painters to be featured at AFTCP.
Poacelli is an established abstract artist based in Philadelphia. Among the many awards she has received, she is the recipient of the NJ state Council on the Arts fellowship in 2011 and the Fleisher Challenge Exhibit in 2000. Her work has been exhibited throughout the world and is held in many public and private collections.
Poacelli focuses on relationships between the universal and the personal and relationships between color, shape, texture, space, and most of all, tension. Featured at the event will be works on paper and cardboard, amongst other mixed media. Her works on paper are intimate abstractions that utilize color, shape, and tension as well as collage to create intimate and visually engaging spaces within the picture plane.
Her work is among many who will be featured at AFTCP and will be on display Friday through Sunday and on sale all for under two hundred dollars. Make sure to pay a visit to her work when you come to the event!
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