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June 9, 2017

A Cause for Creativity — This Week’s AFTCP 2017 Vendor Highlights

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Kim Minutella

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InLiquid is proud to present our annual summer art sale at the Crane Arts Building, Art for the Cash Poor 2017. Based on the premise that everyone can be an art collector, AFTCP is one of the longest running art festivals in the Kensington/Fishtown area. The focus of the event is that all works, both by emerging and established artists alike, are priced at under two hundred dollars. It is a unique event that brings artists and the public together in an accessible way for everyone.
Using art to better the world, one brush stroke at a time.
During my time as an art student, I got used to hearing about how “useless” art is as a major. I can tell you right here and right now why that is not true.
This week for Art for the Cash Poor, I’ve had the pleasure to highlight some of our vendors that have merged art with activism by using their work to fuel creative passions in their communities. The artists that I am proud to feature this week are inspiring people with their creations and have founded organizations on the basis of helping of others.  Get to know a little bit about them below, and make sure to check out their work at Art for the Cash Poor!
Born and raised in Harlem, Makeba “KEEBS” Rainey is an awesome and unique artist that creates one-of-kind paintings, postcard designs, and mixed media prints. Her work, which features splashes of bright and beautiful colors, psychedelic patterns, and bold, stunning portraits, is inspired by her surrounding community as well as fellow emerging visual, music, and performing artists. Makeba is the founder of the Black Capital Coalition (BCC), an organization that promotes artists with a range of mediums and styles from the Harlem area. Through creative collaborations, Black Capital Coalition connects artists with businesses and cultural institutions. It is an organization that encourages the public to engage with artists by building a bridge between culture, music, visual art, and the Harlem community. Focusing on promotion, Black Capital Coalition is about sharing, and inspires artists from both the Harlem area and beyond. Makeba will be selling her work on all three days of AFTCP.
InLiquid Artist Jessica Joy London, uses past struggles to fuel an astounding future. She is the founder of JJL Studio’s ELUTHERA, which is a fashion and accessories brand with a mission: to help vulnerable children and women beat the odds and achieve their dreams. She is an artist that makes a wide variety of work that ranges from traditional fine art to painted scarves, original apparel, and jewelry. Jessica graduated from college with a BFA, distinction, and an exhibition at the Smithsonian. She attended the University Of Michigan with a full scholarship to the Stamp’s School of Art 3 year MFA program and has also sold and exhibited paintings in many shows. Not only that but while a grad student at the University, she spent time in a biomedical lab with Dr. Deborah Gumucio and also worked alongside, Dr. Brad Smith, the dean of the graduate program. Since obtaining her masters in 2013, Jessica has gotten married, continues to show her work at many exhibitions in both galleries and museums, and has become a mother. Check out her booth on all three days of AFTCP.
Artist Avi Fox is an influential woman entrepreneur and the founder of Wild Mantle, her independent business in which she sells her hooded scarves. Wild Mantle was founded in 2013 after Avi’s handmade hooded-scarf garnered attention from strangers and friends who were interested in buying her work. She immediately seized the business opportunity and envisioned the product as a symbol of women’s empowerment and social good. While kick-starting  Wild Mantle, Avi also developed her presence as an empowered businesswoman and social entrepreneur by raising $40,000 through a successful Kickstarter Campaign and garnering a “Take up Your Mantle” TEDx Talk. She has also served as a mentor and guest speaker at local schools. You can catch Avi and her mantels on Friday and Saturday of AFTCP.
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