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June 14, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Get Your AFTCP Kickoff Party Tickets Today

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Elizabeth Roan

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For years, InLiquid has always started our biggest event of the summer, Art for the Cash Poor, with a proper kickoff celebration that doubles as a benefit. Art for the Cash Poor’s Kickoff Party is a celebration of life, pride, and art. In partnering with Philly AIDS Fund, proceeds from ticket sales have been split 50/50 to help do two things: fight AIDS and keep the arts in Philadelphia alive. Every celebration is done with style as we feature top caterers, DJs, Philebrities, and of course, affordable art from select vendors of AFTCP Weekend. Here are a few reasons why this year is an even more important year to get your tickets to the Kickoff Party!
Our Honoree of the evening, Heshie Zinman
We will be kicking off Art for the Cash Poor and celebrating the amazing deeds of Heshie Zinman, chair of the LGBT Elderly Initiative–a volunteer-driven organization committed to “assuring that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults have rights and opportunities to live vibrant, creative and mutually supportive lives.” During the ’80s, Zinman also co-founded the AIDS Library of Philadelphia, where he was the executive director for 13 years. He also played an integral part in the start-up of Action AIDS (now Action Wellness), AIDS Fund, SafeGuards Gay Men’s Health Project and Delaware Valley Legacy Fund.
Your Selfie Game: “On Fleek”
Thanks to Pop-up Polaroid, they will be providing one of their photo booths for the evening for you to flaunt and slay on social media!
Glamour, Glamour, and Messy!
Our 50/50 raffle game for the evening will be hosted and lead by Philadelphia timeless beauty Messapotamia Lefae, better known as “Messy.” She is a post-gender surrealist, Sartorialist, and dance artist, and will be there to keep the party vibes strong.
Last But Not Least: The Power of Numbers!
So you might be thinking: how could my $35 help fight AIDS and The Arts? Well, what is $35 x 500? 5000, even! Any amount given helps to support medical research and development of progressive, affordable prescription drugs to keep survivors who are HIV+ alive, with dignity.
To help (what our friends at Cultural Alliance have coined) “Save the Arts,” half of your tickets proceeds help keep organizations like InLiquid in business, finding and creating opportunities for artists, keeping art relevant and inspiring, not just providing reasons to live, but the things we live for! Could you imagine what $17,500 could do in both of these efforts? Could you imagine what $35,000 could do? Wowzers.
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