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Art for the Cash Poor
May 23, 2018

3 Vendors to Lookout for at Art For the Cash Poor This Year

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Imani Miller

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InLiquid’s 19th Installment of Art For the Cash Poor is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s an arts & crafts fair meets summer block party, with food, drinks, live music, and, of course, art–all priced under $199! In 2018, the fair is taking an exciting leap from its usual Crane Arts home to the Spring Arts District of Callowhill, just behind Union Transfer.
Art For the Cash Poor is a fun and accessible chance for everyone to become an art collector, and for artists to sell their work, in an easy-going, warm, Summer environment. And it’s not just fine art paintings either– vendors of crafters and designers are also to come with a plethora of ceramics, jewelry, fiber art, and much more. With that in mind…
Here are 3, trendy, vendors you should definitely keep an eye out for at the fair!
  1. Wind & Waves Soaps by Staci Lynn Kaplan
Wind & Waves Soaps are handcrafted in small batches by Staci Lynn in her soap making studio in Philadelphia. Using mindful ingredients from trusted vendors that value ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability, she designs precise recipes using the cold process method that combines plant-based oils, butters, natural clays, herbs, and essential oils; resulting in a wonderfully crafted bar of soap that is both visually appealing and functional. Kaplan says, “Soap making is an engaging process, it envelops your senses, and is a crafty combination of science and art that is both steeped in tradition and continuously evolving.” Her inspiration is pulled from the sea and surf, the wind and waves, all which have carried her along this joyous journey into soap making since 2013.
Stop over to give these crafty soaps a whiff!
2. Marsiella Ceramics by Marsiella Catanoso
                                                                     Originally from New Jersey, Marsiella is a ceramic artist creating functional pottery here in Philadelphia, where she currently works as an art instructor and studio technician at the Main Line Art Center. The series of pieces she creates can be either functional or decorative, ranging from serving plates and cups for coffee to flowers brick centerpieces. Her work is a combination of wheel thrown and hand built materials. Marsiella, whose ceramics have been shown in numerous exhibits around the region, claims to draw influence from “capturing eclectic objects I’ve encountered in my travels, whether it’s textile patterns, brightly colored city murals, or urban gardens. I create my own silkscreen images and apply the various designs onto the surfaces of my work, treating each form as my own canvas.”
Swing by to check out Marsiella’s beautiful ceramics!
  1. Anethum Jewelry by Whitney Harris
Based out of a home studio in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Anethum is a line of handmade artisan jewelry hand cut, soldered, filed and finished into intricate pieces. These minimalist gold fill and silver jewelry with a geometric edge, are all handmade and great for layering and wearing every day. Whitney Harris, the owner, and designer behind Anethum Jewelry grew up in Colorado, moved to Philly, and fell head over heels in love with the city. Whitney describes each piece as being, “made with care using traditional metal-smithing techniques, giving special attention to detail and quality while embracing the imperfections and variations of handmade work.”After graduating from college, she took a few jewelry classes and a hobby soon turned into a passion, and eventually her full-time job!  
Enjoy trying on these lovely pieces at the fair!
See you all there on June 16th! And don’t forget about the Kickoff Party prior on June 14!

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