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August 2, 2010

Mid-Century Cooking for the Jell-O Cookbook

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Erica Minutella

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The average American could probably rattle off a list of Jell-O trivia: from reenacting Bill Cosby pudding commercials to explaining how Jurassic Park has made the jiggling dessert synonymous with velociraptor attacks. On Friday, August 6, Philadelphians will be able to add an understanding of Jell-O’s chemical composition to their repertory – thanks to the Chemical Heritage Foundation.
Using the museum’s 1930 Jell-O Cookbook, CHF staff will offer a rundown of the company’s history, as well as samples of some of Jell-O’s more interesting mid-century concoctions.
“Mid-Century Cooking for the Jell-O Cookbook” is free and open to the public. The First Friday event will run from 5 to 8 pm at 315 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. For more information, visit the CHF website.
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