Exhibition view, I.
Exhibition view, II.
Left to right: Shape Shifter Totem, Karen Schechtman Cole; Justice Jackson, Geoffrey Stein; Winter Lotus, Susan M. Mania.
Clockwise from upper left: cANDY, Why Don’t We Love Our Mother?, and Pandora’s Hope, Rhonda Babb, framed screenprints, 2022.
Left to right: Yin and Yang M4, Sharon Bloomfield Hicks; In and Of and For the Wall, Leslie A. Grossman; Wonder Woman, Jed Williams; The Cleaver and Rift, Michele Randall; Persistence, Marilyn Stubblebine
Detail: Elegant Overflow, Zifeng Zang, mixed media on canvas, 2023
Detail: Congruence, Jorge Caligiuri, fresco and multimedia on wood panel, 2023
Left to right: Red Dusk, Matt Higgins; Architecture, KJ May; Niabi, Courtney Paige Alnutt
Clockwise from bottom left: Hair Map 8, Hair Map 7, and Hair Map 6, Dejeonge Reese; Mercurial, Abbey Stace
Detail: Invisible Thread, Laura Sallade, silver, glass, resin, mixed media, 2022
Moonstruck, Sophie Glenn, patinated and rusted steel, 2020
 Along the Side, Sarah Moody Allen, photograph, 2022
Bundled, Allison Hudson, fabric, wax, unfired clay, resin, glue, 2022
What Lies Beneath, Robert Reinhardt, monoprint collage, 2023
Generation, Melanie Serkes, bronze and stainless steel, 2017
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InLiquid Gallery

Since 1999, InLiquid has connected artists and audiences in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. In the sixth installment of its new member showcase, New Now VI, 31 artists of diverse mediums, inspirations, and histories, come together in the InLiquid Gallery. Though distinct, they are linked by the local community and a shared interest in the human experience.

This year’s cohort of artists embrace personal growth and discovery, drawing from memory, intuition, interconnection, and mythology, as part of the creative process. They employ a variety of techniques, ranging​ ​from assemblage, collage and abstraction, to tufting, weaving, metalworking, glass blowing, and 3D design. Referencing math, chemistry, history, politics, and pop-culture, they invite viewers to engage in conversations surrounding national divisions, societal inequities, the climate crisis, and a desire for healing and transformation. ​

FEATURING: Rhonda Babb | Sharon Bloomfield Hicks | Jorge Caligiuri | Shaina Craft | Elissa Glassgold | Diane Janine Goodman | Leslie A. Grossman | Matt Higgins | Allison Hudson| Andrea Keefe | Kindred Art Collaborative | James Labold | Shane Lowder | Sophie Lyda Glenn | Susan M. Mania | K J May | Sara Moody Allen | Courtney Paige Alnutt | Lisa Marie Patzer | Michele Randall | DeJeonge Reese | Robert Reinhardt | Michelle Rothwell | Laura Sallade | Melanie Serkes | Karen Schectman Cole | Abbey Stace | Geoffrey Stein | Marilyn Stubblebine | Jed Williams | Zifeng Zang