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"131 E. Main Street, First Floor, No. 04" Erika Sterarly
"Blow" Carol Wisker
"City of Love" David A. Karasow
"2016-0003" Howard Brunner
"Andrea" Mario Heitman
"For Ever And Ever And Ever." Sam Koren
"34 minutes and 59" Krista Dedrick Lai
"Alejandra" Ada Trillo
"Few Chores (Futures)" Orlando Saverino-Loeb
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InLiquid Gallery

New Now is an exhibition featuring InLiquid’s newest members, giving them the opportunity to show their newest work. All artists who became members in the past year were invited to submit one piece. New Now features over 40 artists working in many mediums across many disciplines, offering a unique cross-section of what local artists are creating right now.
Participating Artists:
Lauri Andreacchio, Robert Arnosky, Rosalind Bloom, Howard Brunner, Lara Cantu-Hertzler, Andrew Chalfen, Veronica Constable, Brent Crothers, Sharon Egan, Jessica Eldredge,Elaine M. Erne, Frank Gaydos, Mario Heitman, Tom Herbert, DavidA. Karasow, Colleen Keefe, Sam Koren,Krista Dedrick Lai, Kristin Osgood Lamelas, Enzhao Liu, Carole Loeffler, Jennifer Manzella, Patricia Moss-Vreeland, Emily Orzech,Makeba Rainey, Sarah Sadie Slate, OrlandoSaverino-Loeb, Mirjam Seeger, Barbara Shelly, KathranSiegel, Heather Sincavage, Juli Snyder, ArleneSolomon, Gerri Spilka, Erika Stearly, BarbaraStraussberg, Marton Szabo, Ada Trillo, JohnHowell White, Carol Wisker, Summer Yates,and Pedro Zagitt