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InLiquid Gallery

The Naked Show brings together a group of fifteen InLiquid member artists whose work explores the many meanings of exposed human skin. Naked skin is the permeable and sensitive boundary between ourselves and the outside world, a border of endless fascination. Representations of nakedness take many forms and meanings, evoking intimacy, sensuality, beauty, rawness, voyeurism, censorship, vulnerability, and innocence. Seen here through painting, photography, and sculpture, each artist addresses the myriad limitations and potentials of our infinitely varied human bodies. 

Emerging as a theme is how bodies are conveyed within stories. The role of the figure in storytelling, mythology, and heroic narratives is explored through repurposed and original figurations in the works of Susan Lowry, Robert Zurer, Elissa Glassgold, and Kathran Siegel. Works by Carol Taylor-Kearney, Daniel Dallmann, Nancy Gordon, and Susan Wallack point to artistic traditions of rendering bodies through figure drawing, studio sessions, and live modeling. Brian David Dennis and John Wind’s works reflect on the body as an erotic idealized image in gay and queer visual cultures, in renderings ranging from reverent to camp. 

Cultural standards of beauty and agism are critically approached in works by Sara Allen and Kathleen Greco, which abstract the body into intimate studies of wrinkles and textures. Florence Weisz and Emily Potts showcase fragility and vulnerability through diverse portraits of harm and healing, while D’nae Harrison offers an image of dynamic vitality through the body’s capacity to move, grow, and give life.

InLiquid is proud of its diverse pool of contemporary artists and celebrates the unique fifteen voices shown here as part of The Naked Show. More information about our current artist members, information about joining as an artist member, and information about how to help support opportunities like these for working artists can be found at

Participating artists:

Sara Allen

Daniel Dallmann

Brian David Dennis

Elissa Glassgold

Kathleen Greco

Nancy Gordon

D’nae Harrison

Susan Lowry

Emily Potts

Kathran Siegel

Carol Taylor-Kearney

Florence Weisz

Susan Wallack

John Wind

Robert Zurer