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Stephanie Van Riet, "Earthshine," 2022, cyanotype on plaster, 12.5 x 11"
Shavteeaylah Williams, Love Letter 02, 2021, digital, 22 x 7.5"
Samara Weaver, "I'm Fine," 2022, watercolor, trace paper, wood frame, wood stain, 17 x 20"
Meg Wolensky, "Hamilton Street (Vine)," 2018, oil on canvas, 48 x 36"
Magdalena Rieders, "Within/Without," 2023, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60"
Lisa Jungmin Lee, "Metropolitan Odyssey," 2022, cyanotype, 16 x 25"
Kimberly Neff, "The Black One," 2021, Acrylic, spray paint, acrylic marker and gold foil leaf on canvas, 30 x 30"
Dara Haskins, "Seeking in ~ Seeking Out," 2022, acrylic, rhinestones on canvas, 40 x 60"
Carolina Marin Hernandez, "Le dio la chiripiorca," 2022, ceramic and glaze, 32 x 30 x 32"
Athena Scott, "Look Back and Wonder," 2022, acrylic, oil pastel, acrylic marker, 60 x 120"
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InLiquid Gallery

From January 27 through March 4, 2023 the InLiquid Gallery is pleased to present the second annual Wind Fellowship Exhibition. Selected by InLiquid’s Artist Advisory Committee from a pool of talented applicants, the 2023 Wind Fellow recipients are comprised of ten noteworthy emerging artists from the Philadelphia area:

Dara Haskins | Carolina Marin Hernandez | Lisa Jungmin Lee | Kimberly Neff | Magdalena  Rieders | Athena Scott | Stephanie Van Riet | Samara Weaver | Shahvteeaylah Williams | Meg Wolensky

This exhibition showcases the stunning contemporary work of artists from diverse backgrounds, bringing them into vivid communication with one another. These conversations contend with profound elements of the human experience, weaving together themes surrounding marginalized identities, femininity, spirituality, and the man - and beast - built worlds that surround us. By exploring these themes through mediums which range from paint and murals to prints and sculpture, the Wind Fellow recipients collectively push the boundaries of medium and message, creating a nuanced platform to ask questions about ourselves and the places we inhabit.

The Wind Fellowship recognizes an artist’s exceptional work and through partnership with InLiquid, promotes their artistic practices to new audiences. “InLiquid is excited to showcase a new generation of Philadelphia’s talented, diverse visual artists,” says Founder and Executive Director Rachel Zimmerman. “We are especially thrilled to be able to use our platform and resources to support their artistry at a time that is so difficult and devoid of opportunity for so many.”

 Artists are featured in a group exhibition at the InLiquid Gallery, receive one year of artist membership at InLiquid, as well as marketing, career services, and more. As a catalyst for artistic professionals, the Wind Fellowship creates unique opportunities for artists looking to make connections and build a strong foundation for their burgeoning careers. This Fellowship, generously funded by the Dina Wind Art Foundation and Friends of InLiquid, was created for emerging artists to serve them at a time when many artists struggle to establish and maintain a professional artistic practice. 

“We are so pleased to be joining forces with InLiquid in providing these fellowships. Our thanks to the esteemed jury for thoughtfully selecting a diverse and deserving class. InLiquid has so much to offer its artists, and it will be exciting to watch the new members take advantage of the opportunities to grow their careers and get their work out there, both online and in person.” John Wind, President, Dina Wind Art Foundation