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September 30, 2022
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The Philadelphia Museum of Art is seeking practicing professional artists who are interested in sharing their work with Philadelphia Teens through the museum’s Delphi Programs in the 2022-2023 school year.
The Delphi Project Foundation has supported in-school and after-school programming for Philadelphia public school students through the museum for over 20 years.
A core component of these programs is to introduce practicing artists into classrooms to share their craft & story with students, encouraging their creativity & experimentation as young artists.
We are currently seeking artists to be considered for:
- Visiting Artist Residencies (In-person)
- Guest Artist Workshops or Speaker Series (Virtual or In-person)
Visiting Artist Residencies are an opportunity to engage with local Philadelphia High Schools & Middle Schools through in-depth learning in communities & neighborhoods throughout the city. This is a collaborative experience for artists to be paired with a public-school art teacher to develop a project that engages their students and enriches the classroom experience. Artists are selected for both short term (5 week) residencies and long term (15+ weeks) partnerships that occur throughout the school year. The museum provides a stipend for Visiting Artists, a generous supply budget, fieldtrips to the museum for students, and curriculum support from the guidance of professional museum educators.
Guest Artist Workshops are an opportunity to engage teens in after-school programs that take place online and at the museum through the Teen Sketch & Teen Media clubs. These programs invite practicing artists and art professionals to share their stories & techniques, opening dialogues with students and demystifying career pathways in the arts. Artists can be invited in as Guest Speakers to highlight their practice in a short talk or for Guest Artist Workshops which include an artist talk and a hands-on art making session.
The Teen Sketch is a creative space for students to share their art, learn from each other, and grow together while exploring Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture & more.
Teen Media is a program for teens to explore storytelling within the museum's collection and experiment in their own artmaking through
photography, video, sound & performance.
Interested artists should submit the following items in 1 PDF less than (15mbs):
• Bio & Contact Information (1 page)
• Resume (2 pages or less)
• Artist Statement (250 words or less)
• A Teaching Philosophy Statement (100 words or less)
• 5 examples of your personal work (title, date, size, medium)
• 3 examples of work created with communities (any age) or student work (ages 12-22)
Please email your PDF to teens@philamuseum.org with the subject “Philly Artist”
RFQ’s will be reviewed on a rolling basis for programs throughout the 2022-2023 school year.

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