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Candid View, Creative Mending Make-In, March, 2023
Candid View, Creative Mending Make-In, March, 2023
Example, Creative Mending Make-In, March, 2023
Example, Creative Mending Make-In, March, 2023
Example, Natural Dye Workshop, April, 2023
Example, Natural Dye Workshop, April, 2023
Example, Shrinky Art Craft Day, August, 2023
Candid View, The Hungry Body, June - August 2023
Candid View, Art of Soil Workshop, September, 2023
Example, Rabbit Recycling Drop Off, June - August, 2023
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InLiquid Special Events

InLiquid’s 40th Parallel North Preservation Brigade or 40PNPB for short, believes that art and community can help our neighbors come together to strengthen personal and collective resilience in the face of anxiety, fear, and dread that surround the issue of climate change and our future. It takes the focus hyper-local to our neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia which sits on the longitudinal circle known as the 40th Parallel North.

We hope you’ll join the Brigade and stop by for a workshop, conversation, or just to take a moment to contemplate some art. And along the way we aim to find purpose and entryways to participating as a community in pursuits that will have real impacts for our and future generations.

Upcoming Events


JANUARY 16, 2024, 5:30 - 7:30 PM

In conjunction with InLiquid's 40PNPB Programming, we will be hosting a film screening featuring a double feature by local filmmaker Ben Kalina. The two films shown are 'A River Reborn' and 'Higher Ground'.

Ben Kalina will be present for a Q&A after the screening, and light refreshments will be provided!

Current Events


OCTOBER 7, 2023 - JANUARY 14, 2024

Material Time explores the poetic and ominous transformations of materials over time. From organic elements like clay and soil to artificial materials such as new media and plastic, the exhibition presents a diverse range of mediums that challenges viewers to consider their impact on the physical world. The viewer will have the opportunity to engage with interactive videos, augmented reality paintings, and actively participate in sourcing raw pigment for an included piece during a workshop in September. Material Time serves as a catalyst for contemplation, urging individuals to consider their relationship with an ever-changing environment.



InLiquid’s 40th Parallel North Preservation Brigade (40PNPB) empowers the community to join forces in the face of the anxiety, fear, and dread surrounding the issue of climate change and sustainable futures. The 40PNPB Artist Ambassador will use recycled materials sourced from Rabbit Recycling to create new public work and facilitate community engagement and discussion using art as a gateway to talk about our community’s role in sustainability. Learn more here.

Past Events


JULY 20 - NOVEMBER 1, 2023

In Palmistry, the latest installation at Old City Publishing, Pamela Tudor employs harvested palm and bamboo bark as a sustainable and renewable artistic medium. She collects the bark as it sheds naturally from trees: painting, collaging, carving, and upcycling the raw material into abstract works of art. Learn more here.


NOVEMBER 18, 2023, 2 - 5 PM

Start a climate conversation by making some postcard art with artists Mindy Flexer and Michael Williamson! Let’s enjoy each other’s company, listen to each other’s thoughts about the climate, and make postcards that invite others to do the same. We can write to family, friends, neighbors, and strangers, and see how connecting to each other helps us think about things that may be hard to look at on our own. 

This workshop is family friendly, and refreshments will be shared.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2023, 11:30 AM - 2PM

Prehistoric humans made their paint from rocks and soil - and we can still make art with these rich colors today! In this workshop, participants will explore the process of creating watercolor pigments using local soil samples. Please RSVP to join InLiquid and artist Rebecca Schultz on September 16th for a soil pigment and painting workshop at Penn Treaty Park. Learn more here.


JUNE 1 - AUGUST 18, 2023

Drop off your old cords, power strips, chargers, cables, and so forth to be recycled! The recycled items could be reused by artists like 40PNPB Artist Ambassador Jazmyn Crosby or transformed into new metal or wire items by Rabbit Recycling. Learn more here.


JUNE 1 - AUGUST 14, 2023

The Hungry Body by Jazmyn Crosby is a temporary installation made of plastic-coated wires and electronics woven into the window grates of the InLiquid Gallery at Crane Arts. The installation also includes micro-plastic dietary supplements and The Hungry Body radio at 88.9 FM. Learn more here.


AUGUST 12, 2023

Did you know the City of Philadelphia cannot recycle #6 plastic? Well, let’s turn trash into treasures and make DIY shrinky dinks! Join Jazmyn Crosby, InLiquid’s 40th Parallel North Preservation Brigades’ Artist Ambassador, to learn how to make unique shrinky art from recycled plastic. Learn more here.


JUNE 8 - JULY 22, 2023

This exhibition in the InLiquid Gallery examines the past, present, and future of human impacts on the environment by zooming in to the Riverwards neighborhood of Philadelphia. Featuring Jaime Alvarez, Donna Backues, and Chantal Westby. Learn more here.


JUNE 27, 2023

InLiquid welcomes you to join artists Jaime Alvarez, Donna Backues, Chantal Westby, and Rhonda Babb for an interactive discussion of their works. These artists are currently featured in the InLiquid Gallery in Glass House + Meddow. Learn more here.


APRIL 20 - JUNE 3, 2023

A group exhibition work that investigates how humans interact with nature which will be presented in the InLiquid Gallery. Learn more here.


APRIL 22, 2023

Join InLiquid + FWM + Marafiki Arts for an Earth Day Indigo Dye Workshop and upcycle your existing textiles. Learn more here.


March 25, 2023

Drop in with InLiquid’s 40th Parallel North Preservation Brigade on Saturday, March 25th for a free creative mending make-in and try out techniques to repair, reuse and upcycle your worn out textiles. Learn more here.

About the 40th Parallel

The 40th parallel is a latitudinal line that goes all around the globe. Many cities and neighborhoods fall along the 40th parallel including Menorca, Spain, Honshu, Japan, Boulder, Colorado, and our neighborhood in South Kensington, Philadelphia

40PNPB takes the global issue of climate change and zooms in to the hyper local level.