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Are your favorite jeans sprouting holes in all the wrong places? Were you a recent victim of a swarm of moths with very good taste? Could your trusty sofa blanket use a little love from you for a change?

Drop in with InLiquid’s 40th Parallel North Preservation Brigade on Saturday, March 25th for a free creative mending make-in and try out techniques to repair, reuse and upcycle your worn out textiles.

When an item of clothing rips or gets stained, it’s tempting to scrap them and head to the store for a replacement. But by making the choice to instead invest in the clothes you already own— mending them and extending their life— you start to slow down how much you consume and limit the amount of waste you generate. In a fast fashion system that thrives on careless consumption, mending can be a radical act of care.

All skill levels are welcome to try their hand at darning, patching, or other creative mending styles. Basic materials including needle, thread, and scrap fabric will be available. Bring yourself, a friend, and your favorite distressed items or use the materials supplied to make a patch for later use.

InLiquid Gallery is part of the neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia which sits on the longitudinal circle known as the 40th Parallel North. The 40th Parallel North Preservation Brigade (40PNPB) is a way for community members to come together and engage in creative ways with our impacts on the environment. You don’t have to be in it alone, join the 40PNPB to make and enjoy art, build community, and strengthen personal and collective resilience in the face of anxiety, fear, and dread that surround the issue of climate change and our future!

Material list:

  • Needles
  • Pins
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery hoops
  • Scrap fabric



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