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New Now VII
July 25 - August 31 at InLiquid Gallery
This year's installment of our annual new member showcase features 50 works by over 23 artists. Many of the themes in the exhibition reflect our shared cultural zeitgeist, with artwork exploring ecological consciousness, consumerism, mental health, and digital reality.

Since 1999, InLiquid has served as a unique resource for artists and the community, both online and with live exhibitions and events throughout the city. Join us for over 40 art exhibitions a year and discover great work by new artists each time.

A Member Spotlight

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Dolores Poacelli in AIGA's APPEAR: The Lost Years

Dolores Poacelli

Dolores Poacelli was included in AIGA's "APPEAR: The Lost Years" and she was highlighted as a speaker at the APPEAR Salon where she discussed her experiences, and how she maintained resilience, as an artist during the COVID pandemic.