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Over the past year, Director Matthew Ober and his team have been interviewing artist G. Farrel Kellum, whose exhibition A Journey of Ten-Thousand Drums is currently on view at Commonweal, along with his friends and colleagues to develop this intimate 20-minute documentary that explores G’s artistic origins, life philosophy, and complicated relationship with success, touching on topics as wide ranging as Binary Code and Feng Shui.
Seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Admission for the screening will begin at 3:30p, with the screening beginning at 3:45p.

Commonweal is grateful for the diligence and energy put into this wonderful film by the entire team who worked on it and thankful that they have chosen to screen it at the gallery, giving visitors greater insight into G’s thinking and the processes behind his impressive constructions.
“Nothing Left Undone: The Art of G"
Director: Matthew Ober.
Producer: Max Nemhauser
Editor: Sofia Reh & Matthew Ober
DOP: Sam Deller
Original Music: Alfie Pollitt & Em Downing



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