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Curated by Alicia Puig, CEO of PxP Contemporary and Director of Create! Magazine, along with Ekaterina Popova, Founder of Create! Magazine, this exhibition celebrates the power of color and its expressive possibilities. Titled "Chroma," the exhibition invites artists and viewers to explore the rich and diverse interpretations that color inspires.

Selected Participating Artists:

Lindsey Benitz

Elizabeth Bergeland

Yana Beylinson

Neena Buxani

Andrea Bartine Caldarise

Ali Cavanaugh

Alexandra Chiou

Kendra Dandy

Gabrielle Dobrzelewski

Poppy Dodge

Melissa Gile

Phyllis Gorsen

Elizabeth Hamilton

Jade Jaroszenski

Teresa I Johnson

Michael Kalmbach

Tyler Kay

Kelly Kozma

Ruth LaGue

Kate Leibrand

Katherine Loeber

J. Frankie McCourt

Chloe McEldowney

Emily Mullet

James Oliver

Jack Rowland

Marc Scheff

Ann Miller Smith

Amy Stewart

Melissa Minh Truex

Gretchen Warsen

Bella Wattles

Ali Williams

Ben Willis

Zifeng Zang

Pete Zebley

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