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About Dolores Poacelli
Relationships are never easy.. especially those between color, shape, texture, space. And especially tension. No matter what the medium or material – everything from recycled aluminum press plates to cardboard – I attempt to create a tension in each piece: the all-important proportion, the placement and relationship of one shape to another shape and one color to another color .. in space in search of an essense, a simplicty. The relationship of the work to the viewer hopefully connects the universal to the personal. Titles are used to emotionalize and connect the viewer to an otherwise ambiguous, abstract piece…

For Where Color Meets Memory, anthropomorphic shapes are floating, clinging, existing in interior spaces, employing intense color and collage. Done during months of pandemic confinement, I am now beginning to understand these pieces.

About Katie Truk

My pieces are a marriage of sensual malleability of pantyhose and the rigidity of wire.  Internal conversation and motion are induced within the static confine.  Thread binds and extends the aggression and vulnerability, echoing life’s twists, turns, and pulling within our rigorous regulations and expectations.

Pantyhose is strong yet unique in color and composition. Each has its own breaking point and beauty in complexity of layered strength and texture. Free of pedestal or directed viewpoint allows change in perspective which is necessary to explore the depth of understanding of the whole picture

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