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When the Light Comes In is a group exhibition by DVAA Artist Members that draws inspiration from the obscurant and illuminating power of the window. As a portal between inside and outside, the window plays a large role in the construction of internal space. By allowing and limiting light into a space, the window determines what can be seen– both from inside and from outside. Giving way to sunlight, the window illuminates form and constructs a visible reality. Coming in at different angles, and shifting constantly with the rotation of the earth, the perspective and shadows cast by sunlight are ever changing.

Artists have frequently harnessed the metaphor of the window when referring to the picture plane or to the crop of the photographic image, crediting it with providing the opportunity to control what is included in an artwork. The artists in this exhibition expand upon that notion to capture the fleeting moments when light breaks through openings and crevices.

Many artworks in this exhibition directly portray light passing through glass surfaces, whether through painting, photography, or printmaking. Other artworks offer a view from a window to the outside, providing a glimpse of the artist’s unique perspective. Some artists in this exhibition even use their window as a method of creation, such as in Sadie Francis’ cyanotype “Fugue State” or Alden Cole’s bricolage “Cosmic Soup”. Still, many artworks on view focus on how the light passes through natural forms. Seen abstractly, the window becomes a tree’s canopy or a cloud– obscuring and illuminating in an ever changing rotation.

Aaron Kalinay, Alan Lankin, Alden Cole, Alessandra Stradella, Ash Garner, Basak Kilicbeyli, Christopher Ryan, Colleen Hammond, Diane Lachman, Edward W Keer, Ellen Carver, Eric J Schaeffer, Florence Weisz, Floyd Kelley Jr., Gary Grissom, Gloria Klaiman, Howard Brunner , Joann Neufeld, Joellyn Ross, Julie Woodard, Kaitlin Santoro, Lauren Doyle, Lauren Trainer, Linda Dubin Garfield, Louis Gribaudo, Lucy Shaiken, Mark S. Conti, Marvin Greenbaum, Mary Powers Holt, Nina Yocom, Penelope Tsaltas  Lisk, Rob Lybeck, Rosalind Bloom, Sadie Francis, Sharon Bloomfield Hicks, Stuart Lehrman, and Ted Warchal.



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