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Exhibits & Events

Second State Press is pleased to present Today, Tomorrow, and Thursday, an exhibition of work by the Spring 2024 Fob Holder Cohort.

The opening reception will take place at Second State Press on Thursday, March 14th, from 6 to 9pm.

In a wide breadth of printmaking techniques, the participating artists explore and document the physical, emotional, and interpersonal spaces we inhabit, presenting a living archive of the minutiae of routine daily observation. In considering and printing these meditations, the cohort weaves a poignant narrative thread across what can be observed spatially, interpersonally, and intrapersonally, preserving the instances where community, connection, and care breach the surface of our daily observations.

Today, Tomorrow and Thursday features the work of:

Lauren Bradford

Cloe Evans-Wajcer

Bex McIntyre

Walter Medcraft

Olivia Musselman

Mia Rosanio

Norah Sheehan

Shannon Waring

Jess Wszolek



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Exhibition Documentation

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