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With artwork by nineteen of our Artist Members, our winter CultureWorks exhibition That Figure in the Long-off Fog poses the following:

What do we learn about ourselves in periods of mystery?

In other words, what can we learn from periods of unknowing?

What do we with ourselves in that uncertainty?

What shadows do we believe in?

What costumes change our sacred shapes?

What is the importance of aesthetics in how we approach understanding the abstract?


Bernadette Colburn, Danielle Corin Cartier, David Heshmatpour, Eleanor Barba, Gloria Klaiman, Jihan A Thomas, Joe Klaus, Joellyn Ross, Lucy H. West, Lucy Shaiken, Meg Wolensky, Nancy Gordon, Pomona Za, Robert Gorchov, Robert Solomon, Rosemary Luckett, Sharon Bloomfield Hicks, and Suji Kanneganti

Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 17, 2024| 4-6pm on the third floor of The Philadelphia Building at 1315 Walnut St. Suite 320.



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Exhibition Documentation

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