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Pentimenti Gallery’s group exhibition Paper Trails Paper Tales comes at a time when we are living in an increasingly ‘paperless’ world. We encourage paperless workplaces, while newspapers and even paper money are steadily diminishing. The temporality of the material has become rather evident.

Within this group exhibition, the artists have deliberately chosen this cherished material. Through a diverse range of artistic processes including sculpture, printmaking, and drawing, they promise to captivate us with their innovative perspectives in the works on display.

MEET THE ARTISTS & RECEPTION: Friday, November 10, 6 - 8 PM | Talk at 7 PM.

Kees Holterman is an artist and storyteller. After a recent health issue, Kees found inspiration in recounting tales of facing his fear and uncertainty with vulnerability. Influenced by his background as a printmaker, Kees seamlessly intertwines shapes and colors. As the drawing evolves, he gradually incorporates Social Realist and American Folk art aesthetics, allowing for a deeper expression of his narratives. His intimate scenes portray true honesty and humor that invites you into his impactful personal stories.

Rebecca Tennenbaum aspires to depict cerebral landscapes in her mixed media works on paper. Her focus lies in exploring the mental and metaphorical realm of how we navigate problem-solving. The shapes and imagery she integrates are abstract, evoking the ethereal quality of dream-like experiences. Rebecca employs linear elements resembling grids, clocks, or diagrams to illustrate a framework of beliefs, assumptions, and concepts that provide a lens on reality.

Loretta Violante Having spent her formative years along the Hudson River, Loretta was profoundly shaped by the juxtaposition of the river's natural backdrop and the urban landscape of New York City. She infuses her creations with the essence of these contrasting terrains, evident in her thoughtful selection of materials, color palette, and form. Loretta’s sculptures come to life through her fusion of opposing elements—sturdy, unyielding wires coalesce with pliable, textured papier-mâché; vibrant bursts of color harmonize with understated, neutral hues. In this distinct symbiotic realm, her sculptures manifest as characters, weaving a narrative that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tamsen Wojtanowski utilizes paper as a medium to document and contemplate history. She pays tribute to her past and present identities through the use of cyanotype emulsion, a material acutely responsive to the passage of time and exposure. Currently, Wojtanowski embraces her position as a mother, reflecting on a previous version of herself, and the chaos that accompanies the gift of children. This new phase offers her a fresh perspective, akin to discovering the world anew through the eyes of this new self. Her artwork and studio serve as a sanctuary for contemplation, a space to delve into profound inquiries often overlooked in the busyness of adulthood.



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