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Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank's

Digital Dreamscape
Every chance we get, we seek inspiration in the artists we know and love — and those we have admired from afar.
When curator JODY SWEITZER set out "to transform our singular Wall and modest 3D space into a vibrantly stimulated tapestry worthy of continuous conversation and admiration" — no mean feat! — she turned to artists new to our audiences and others well established. The throughline connecting their work is digital their creative tools of source material from our streaming environment...and at times both.
Making return appearances are three of our favorite painters, each demonstrating a singular approach: JOSEPH EGGLESTON, a gifted colorist fluent in the language of oil and acrylic, whose pandemic practice of watching and rewatching favorite horror flicks has spilled right into his atelier; JON LAIDACKER, a traditional and mural artist who is perhaps our most admired master of the still-emerging craft of digital painting; and MICHAEL JICHA, who manipulates and digitally transforms photographs into virtual canvases in the style of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Surrealist painters, the thesis of his unique 1910 PROJECT.
The best part about reconnecting our audiences to Joseph, Jon and Mike is that they can experience their work on larger scales than ever before.
The artists making long-awaited OFF THE WALL debuts complete our vision for this show. Although she works in various media, PAULA GILLEN shines most brightly when her digital photomontages conjure new worlds and express world views. Her SUPERPOWER WOMEN IN SPACE series distills leading themes of her work with playfulness and panache. CHARLES EMLEN likewise arrives with riveting prints on our Wall, but in our 3D case the sheer possibilities of his work — spanning multimedia to sculpture — come to fruition. Rarely has an artist taken over this space so wholly and so vitally.
We hope you have come prepared to spend time with this art. Like any place of intersection, there are many different perspectives you will feel driven to explore.
PROCESSES INTERSECTING SPACES continues through April 21, 2023.



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