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August 1, 2022
- December 12, 2022
Park Towne Place: 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
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Tania Qurashi
During the summer of 2022, Tania Qurashi worked on location at Park Towne Place as an Artist in Residence. During her residency, she has created a series of paintings that explore gardens and cut flowers that are native to Asia and the Americas, honoring her family’s heritage.
For Qurashi, the garden represents a place where the intersections between cultures, histories, and identities can exist and grow without uncertainty. The gardens act as portraits of “rooted” homelands, while the cut flowers highlight the homelands we have been uprooted from. Furthering her lexicon of identity and self-searching, Tania also references national flags to communicate other aspects of cultural identity. Incorporating imagery such as color blocking, stars, and moons, Qurashi blurs signifiers causing them to undulate between culture, nature, and the unknown.
Undeniably romantic, Qurashi’s searches are relatable. Especially here, in the United States, a land of immigrants, her search is all our searches. We all tend our own gardens of transplanted flowers.
Tania Quarashi will be in residence at Park Towne Place through the end of September 2022.  
Follow along to see and learn more:
@tania.qurashi @inliquidart

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