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InLiquid Programming
February 24, 2022
- June 23, 2022
Old City Publishing
Exhibition Artsy Shop
Sue Moerder
Installation by Sue Moerder
“My Skull Assemblage Art is a combination of ethically sourced animal skulls and bones with antiques and found objects – “Frankensteined” creatures that are sometimes lit to take them into another dimension, casting shadows and patterns from cut out metal pieces – as well as the effect of lighting in the skulls – making them glow with an inner light.
My sculptures will light up the window and draw you in at night – the best time for the dead to shine. And make sure you look closely and enjoy a virtual “Seek and Find” of antique objects making up each piece.
If you want to see more of my Art in their natural habitat – my home/art studio is right at up the street at 214 W Wildey and I welcome visits! Just call or text 215-292-8189 to make sure I’m home.
You can also see my work at Sue and follow on gram and TikTok @suemoerderskullart” – Sue Moerder
Artist’s Statement
All through my life as an Artist, I’ve always been impatient and messy – getting more inspired by the decision making and not so much the physical creating or the outcome.
I’ve used a number of mediums and techniques… and had a couple successful Art careers, but nothing really felt like a good fit. I went to College for Illustration, and ending up in Advertising, doing some Soft Sculpture and Glass Blowing along the way. I was dumped out of Advertising and ended up in Tattooing – enjoying it, but struggling for years and now successful with my own shop… and as much as I love the art form of tattooing and the therapy connected with it, it’s a stressful medium with sometimes way too much client interaction… and I never seem to be completely happy with anything I do, even though the client is. I always find fault and always feel like I could do better.
I started painting skulls as a little side thing to relieve stress, which quickly evolved into sculpting with found objects – enhancing and working with the skulls. I didn’t even know that Assemblage Art was a thing before it turned into a way of life. Now I’m on a constant treasure hunt where everything I see turns into inspiration – I see skulls on everything now and objects are only seen as possible body parts or things I can use. It’s all about making decisions in placement of shapes and textures – constant problem solving and fitting puzzle pieces.
My Art is hard and rough and complicated in its style – even when I use elegant, ornate antiques – I like mixing in an opposing texture or rusty industrial object to exaggerate the contrast. I enjoy layering details til you can’t tell where one stops and one begins – uncovering lots of little discoveries as they are viewed and explored. I get lost in the intricacy and detail of each piece until it’s perfectly balanced and I’m completely happy with the composition and flow.
Every time I start a new piece, it’s different sometimes I have an idea in mind, and other times I just start with an object and let it take me where it will. It’s so much fun to turn old objects and skulls into new creations – bringing new life to the dead and discarded.

InLiquid curates rotating exhibitions in the window space and vestibule of Old City Publishing throughout the year. These storefront exhibitions are viewable 24/7 from the outside.


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