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In Layers of Authenticity, five artists create work by altering imagery pulled from print, the internet, and their own photography. Utilizing unique processes of production, they reveal authentic and insightful statements about our current political and social landscape and the ambiguousness and misconceptions of historical events, places, and people.

Maria Dumlao, Fire At Will With Snakes (RGB), 2018, Archival pigment print, 44" x 62"

Maria Dumlao is a Filipino artist now based in Philadelphia. Her work reflects on the environmental and cultural impacts of colonialism in her home country and the multiple narratives that have thus been obscured and concealed.

Gabriel Martinez is based in Philadelphia of Cuban descent. His work expresses feelings of displacement experienced with immigration and explores the complexities, incongruences, and significance of Cuba’s contemporary cultural, political and social climate.

Paul Anthony Smith, who is Jamaican based in New York City, creates paintings and picotage on pigment prints that considers the artist’s autobiography, as well as issues of identity within the African diaspora.

Eric Toscano is New Jersey based. Through handmade collages using vintage images his work evokes a nostalgic response to extreme environmental actions that allows the viewer to construct a narrative that considers the possibility that these may be actual historical events.

Steven Earl Weber is based in Philadelphia and examines the invisibleness of the victims of drug addiction by using techniques to create reflections and shadows of photographic portraits of his subjects, “those that one routinely sees but tries not to notice.”

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 9, 5:00 - 7:00 PM



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