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An interchange is a point of decision. A pause to reflect on where you have been; a place to look forward to where you are going. More than an intersection of highways, it is where one path flows through, over, into and past another.

To be pressed implies physical contact between subject and matrix; to print is to read the surface of an object. Printmaking is fundamentally forensic, as pressure and contact between plate, press, and paper reveal a gateway to truths unseen.

The work in Interchange embraces transience and questions printmaking’s place at the interchange of art and technology, interdisciplinary cross-pollination, and the intersection between past and present. How does one adapt to and embrace overlaps, arrivals and departures within the culture of print? What hybrid methods and materials within print encourage engagement in adaptability and chance operations? What power does printmaking hold to answer these questions and affect change?

Congratulations to our Finalists:

Olivia Fredricks

Eliza Frensley

Cassandra Gunkel

Nilou Kazemzadeh

Jake Lahah

Peri Law

Joseph Lupo

Sarah McDermott

Emmett Merrill

Morgan Thomas Shankweiler (in collaboration with Akemi Martin)

Hester Stinnett

M. Robyn Wall



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