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Destruction of the Tillamook Rainforest, Arielle Bracket
More than 50 years has passed since Goldsmith ‘70, the Society of North American Goldsmiths’ (SNAG) seminal exhibition of metalsmithing and jewelry held at the Minnesota Museum of Art, jurored by Stanley Lechtzin and John Prip. Today, with the exhibition Goldsmith ‘20 held at the InLiquid Gallery in partnership with SNAG, we look back to that former exhibition with respect to find not only inspiration, but to also celebrate how far the field of metalsmithing and jewelry has come.
Goldsmith ‘70 not only celebrated works, but asked what the current status of the field was in America, and pondered where it was going. The work selected in Goldsmith ‘20 by jurors Dominique Bereiter, Eleanor Moty, and Elizabeth Shypertt uses the original work from Goldsmith ‘70 as an inspiration, embraces the traditional techniques of silversmithing, and pushes the field forward through the use of alternative materials.
At the Goldsmith ‘70 exhibition, curator Stanley Lechtzin noted, “… The young craftsman today is being exposed to tools and techniques which were not available to his predecessors. It is apparent that a tradition of excellence is developing,” and this development in tools and techniques applies to the artists on exhibition half a century later– as artists and craftsmen continue to cross boundaries and use their creativity to propel new and innovative ideas.

Shearin Abdel Monem | Sue Amendolara | Haley Bates | Barb Bauer | Katy Bergman Cassell | Nisa Blackmon | Arielle Brackett | Ximena N. Briceno | Harlan Butt | Jeffrey Clancy & David Clemons | Jack da Silva | Marilyn da Silva | Jeffrey Lloyd Dever | Benjamin Dory | Brian Ferrell | Robly A. Glover | Tamara Grüner | Jon Havener | Mi-Sook Hur | Yuka Okane Inoue | Andrew Kuebeck | Lorena Lazard | Kenneth MacBain | Thomas Mann | Brooke Marks-Swanson | Zach Mellman-Carsey | Bruce Metcalf | Tom Muir | So Young Park | Louise Perrone | Nancy Slagle | Matthew Smith | Rachel Smith | Andi Terry | Gina Westergard | Anne Wolf | Wendy Yothers | Zoa Chimerum (Ian Henderson and Sue-Yee Leung)



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