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Creating a dialogue between art and poetry, in Rebecca Ledbetter’s inaugural solo exhibition, “Conversation Pieces,” she takes inspired poems and deconstructs their meanings into abstract oil paintings and encaustic work. She uses a process of graphing out the beats of the poems and chooses colors, shapes, and forms that depict or challenge those written sentiments. As an “artistic narrator,” she is particularly inspired by the narratives, stories, communication, and relationships in the written work, and her work takes those words and questions today’s expectations of communication, relationships, and dreams.

Come explore the collision of these worlds during the opening reception of “Conversation Pieces” at Side Street Gallery in downtown Philadelphia. As part of Philadelphia’s First Fridays – open houses for galleries and art studios to showcase artists’ work across the city.

Light drinks and refreshments will be served. Free and open to the public.

About Side Street Gallery:
Side Street Gallery grew from one simple idea: provide a space for local Philadelphia artists to showcase their work without the standard hassles of an art gallery. Local artists Trip Denton and Harvey Weinreich started the gallery in June of 2017 in Trip’s garage on Panama Street. Both graduated from The Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Arts in 1979, and have remained active in the art community, they witnessed and experienced the difficulties that local artists face when trying to exhibit their art to the public.

Side Street Gallery is an alternative to the traditional venues of art exhibitions. With insufficient space available for all of the art that needs to be shared, Side Street aims to help alleviate that problem by representing the fringe members of the local artist community.

About Rebecca Ledbetter:

Rebecca Ledbetter is an abstract artist, who creates using an ekphrastic process, pulling inspirations from beloved novels, poems, and other narratives to curate a dreamy and whimsical style of work. She received her BA in Studio Art from Denison University in 2013, and since then, has showcased work in Philadelphia, Granville, OH, and Martha’s Vineyard, and currently resides and works out of Alter Street Studios in South Philadelphia.

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