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InLiquid Programming
September 8, 2021
– December 19, 2021
The Yard Center City: 21 S 11th St
Exhibition Artsy Shop
Terri Fridkin
Lorraine Glessner
Catherine Gontarek
Su Knoll Horty
Diane Lachman
Dolores Poacelli
Mesocarp (detail), Lorraine Glessner
At The Yard, InLiquid presents the works of six artists in the exhibition Color in Exuberance. Throughout the four floors of The Yard the featured artwork by artists Terri Fridkin, Lorraine Glessner, Catherine Gontarek, Su Knoll Horty, Diane Lachman, and Dolores Poacelli utilize vibrant color in unique abstract styles through their paintings, prints, and sculptural forms.
Dolores Poacelli and Lorraine Glessner both create work in a psychological space, exploring the space and tension of our relationships, how we are seen by others, and our inner minds, creating a blurred line between dream and reality. Su Knoll Horty finds inspiration in the natural world, particularly in fluid and often wild compositions. Diane Lachman, Terri Fridkin and Catherine Gontarek share sleek geometric patterns and gentle contemplative design, which allows for powerful displays of contrasting color. Shared experiences influence their work and create a delicate balance between control and total freedom in their expression.
The works in Color in Exuberance are vibrant and pleasing to the eye, and use colors to relay emotions of excitement, and to calm the viewer.
The show is open for viewing by appointment only from Monday through Friday (10 am – 5 pm). Please email Clare Finin at to schedule your visit.


InLiquid’s partnership with The Yard features a 4-floor co-op workspace with a quarterly rotating art collection within its workspaces and lounge spaces. InLiquid and The Yard are both dedicated to a meaningful partnership in their efforts to creatively exhibit local artists while blending visual art harmoniously into a diverse work environment made of small businesses and independent freelancers. The Yard is open to the public by appointment. Please email Programming Director Clare Finin to make an appointment.


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