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36 x 34 x 1 inches / 91.4 x 86.4 x 3 cm,
marine vinyl and wood,

Pentimenti Gallery is excited to welcome back Derrick Velasquez for a solo exhibition, Close To The Memory Of.

Close To The Memory Of features Derrick’s Untitled series of wall-hanging marine vinyl works. The gallery will be graced with new works displaying bold and bright colors that show off Derrick's mastery of color theory.

Derrick Velasquez’s Untitled series is a mesmerizing fusion of marine vinyl strips artfully layered over a wooden sculpture. The accumulation of hundreds of layers results in a transformative effect as they begin to embrace the contours of the underlying wood. With this action, the ends of the vinyl strips gracefully curl, striking a delicate equilibrium between weight and lightness. The deliberate arrangement of colors is an ode to intentionality, an intricate dance choreographed by the artist's vision. Every layer of vinyl resembles a brushstroke, akin to the expressive strokes made by a painter on a canvas. Derrick's aptitude lies not only in his skill but in his ability to convey a symphony of emotions through this vibrant palette.

After experiencing the direct impact of climate change and medical turbulence within his circle, Derrick has been deeply touched at his core. Through the challenges, the outcomes have fostered stronger connections within his community and provided opportunities to understand nature on its changing journey. Velasquez states that “slowly building these sculptures becomes akin to layers upon layers of the experiences and connections we make inviting a perceptual encounter and a tactile experience.”

MEET THE ARTIST & RECEPTION: Friday, November 10, 6 - 8 PM | Talk at 7 PM



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