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InLiquid Special Events
May 22, 2019
The InLiquid Gallery
Exhibition Artsy Shop
Mitch Gillette
Part of his solo exhibition, Nudes, at The InLiquid Gallery, the artist Mitch Gillette will be giving an artist talk. Discussing his career as an artist and his inspiration behind this body of work that was created between the years of 2000 and 2005. Nudes will be up through June 13th.
Mitch Gillette has shown extensively in Philadelphia as a painter, an installation artist, and in collaborative and individually created performance works. Currently, he is on the brink of finishing a 300-page graphic novel, a 14-year project, and is about to release a CD of original classical music for the piano.
Artist Statement:
This work is actually from 2000 – 2005 and despite a sunny appearance, they arose from a dark time. They functioned as therapeutic exercises in beginning anew. Finally, the body of work was abandoned for other directions. The canvases leaned against the wall of my studio for fifteen years, face out, constant companions, very dusty, never meant to be shown, and seen only by friends.
Read Mitch Gillette’s artist statement in its entirety HERE.

The InLiquid Gallery is the physical expression of InLiquid’s mission as a hub for visual art in Philadelphia. As a non-profit providing opportunities and a platform for enhanced exposure for local artists, The Gallery is the first permanent space that offers rotating curation of our artist members’ work. The Gallery aims to provide the local and visiting public with a social destination where artwork can be seen, enjoyed, experienced, and purchased.

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