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Join 3rd Street Gallery for the annual Friends invitational; members invited friends to share their work!

Member: Constance Cone

Friend: Tracey Thomson

Tracey and I have known each other since she was a junior at Moore College, and I was in her painting class as a continuing ed student. We became fast friends when she and her roommate, another painter, decided that I shouldn’t use my tiny brushes anymore and stole them, only to be given back to me months later and never used again.  They were right.  After painting, printmaking, and getting our MFAs, I returned to my first medium, photography, and she joins me.

Member: Judith Schermer

Friend: Thalia Hare

Judith for Thalia My guest is my grandchild, Thalia Hare, who is a senior at Pratt Institute, majoring in illustration and ceramics, and whose work is creative, quirky, and always a surprise. -Judith

Thalia for Judity I've always admired my meemom's work. She has a unique way of viewing the world and her work draws careful, contemplative attention to quiet moments that are often overlooked. -Thalia

Member: Clement DaVinci

Friend: Pheralyn Dove

I chose Pheralyn Dove as my guest artist for her such diverse talents. She is visual artist, poet, spoken word, and author. Maybe she can give us some advice on Special poet guests for 2024.

Member:  Alex Sarka

Friend: April Flory

April and I met at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in a Printmaking Class.  Not only does she possess a great printmaking ability, but she is also a great watercolorist.  Her usage of color is very bold.  Her watercolors are great representation of landscapes, still life, etc.  April takes and creates serigraphy after her original watercolors.  April is growing as an Artist and Printmaker.   \

Member: Nicole Patrice Dul

Friend: Elaine M. Erne

Oscar Wilde stated, "Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend's success." Elaine M. Erne is a Philadelphia artist who creates drawings and prints about the "Lives and Traumas of Stuffed Animals and the Secret Lives of Houses", but most importantly, she is my friend. We are connected through a common interest in art, but our friendship is so much more.  We have a close-knit, devoted, and treasured relationship and have become family. Together we formed an artist collective of printmakers and showed locally.  Our community of printmakers is known as Star Wheel Printers. After losing some of our members to death and then the pandemic, we took a hiatus and hope to start showing and engaging with our group again soon. Our relationship blossomed through printmaking, teaching together on Saturdays at Fleisher Art Memorial, curating several shows together, and participating in Star Wheel Printers and the Cheltenham Printmakers Guild. An artist, surrounded by like-minded people, looks for exemplars who can provide constructive critiques, encouragement, support, and acknowledgment. That's what Elaine and I are to one another. Through our professional relationship, we came to genuinely respect one another as individuals and developed a close personal bond. We value each other's ideas and inspire each other to grow and be prolific in art production. Her artwork themes strike a chord with me, and she has impeccable craftsmanship. Even though we take quite different approaches to our art, we understand each other's processes, meanings, demands, and challenges. Since art brought us together many years ago, we have shared a treasured relationship based on unconditional love and support.

Member:  J. Matthew Schley

Friend: Barbara Henry

Barbara Henry and I have been together over forty years. We have made art side by side. We have looked at Art together. We have talked about art together. We have made Art together.

Artist:    Alphonse Lane

Friend:   Irene Lane

I chose my sister Irene because she is 100% dedicated to the pursuit of self-knowledge and mastery of the Craft of Art.

Alphonse This painting calls attention to the work of Pablo Picasso. I consider his work another language, and I paint in his fashion to understand that language and how he designed his paintings and surfaces. One can only learn a language if one speaks that language first.  

Irene Tranquility is #1 of 21 Original pieces of art in Lane's "Art as Healer” Series."  Tranquility invites into your home or office harmony, forgiveness, and balance. This painting fights off the negative vibes of discord, anger, and past abuse. It champions and promotes peacefulness, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and new beginnings.  Its purpose is to create an opening to serenity, calmness, and acceptance in your life and those around you.

Member:  Meri Adelman

Friend: Julie Zahn

We have a mutual admiration for drawing, drawing what’s around us - the things of people and nature. Recording the facts that are used in later paintings, sculptures, and prints.

We share a great love of the Japanese aesthetics - decorative and spatial.

We come out of the isolation of our studios and cross paths at a neighborhood drawing group, the Flying Charcoals among others. So it goes, until we complete a body of work and ask each other - Come see. Let’s talk about form, beauty, color, and proportions.

Member:  Judy Goto

Friend: Annette Bushman

Judy for Annette Annette & I have been friends for years.  We met at Fleisher Art Memorial and quickly bonded over our mutual love for collage. I admire Annette’s insights about art and her knowledge of materials and techniques and often go to her for advice about my unfinished pieces. I’m so pleased to have her as my “art friend” at this show.

Annette for Judy Approximately 8 years ago, Judy and I met at Fleisher Art Memorial in Fran Gallun's Collage class. Judy has been a mentor and inspiration to me. We both share a love of collage and mixed media.   We have shared found materials over the years and enjoy attending exhibits together for further inspiration. For the piece I am submitting, I have recycled the interior of business envelopes.  You can see more of my work on Instagram, @annettebushman.

Member:  Jacque Ferretti

Friend: Mary Beth Kazanicka

I chose my friend, Mary Beth to show her work with 3rd Street Gallery for many reasons. We are longtime friends and have years of experience showing are work in shows and workshops frequently.  Mary Beth was also a 3rd Street Gallery member, and we had a studio next to one another for years. Her work has always impressed me as we often share are work together. Her images demonstrate her deep love of painting, and her knowledge of expression, mood, and form that shows up in her work and are a big part of who she is.

Her friend, Jacque Ferretti

Member:  Patricia A.L. Ehrensal

Friend:     Marilyn Piety

My friendship with Marilyn has developed around art and art making.  As we both began to focus seriously on our art, we discussed the struggles we were having to “get it right” and finding our visual language.  I’m thrilled by the progress and break throughs that Marilyn has made, as well as the confidence she has gained as an artist.  While our artistic styles are completely different (demonstrating that opposites do attract), we are both concerned with understanding the nexus of our technique and aesthetic.  

Member:  Sivia K. Braunstein

Friend:     Nancy Gordon

Friend:     Missy Maxwell

I have studied, painted, and pursued plein air adventures with both friends for several years. What appeals to me about their work is that they are both artists with strong personal individualities, yet in very different ways. One dances and roars with her flowing figures, pulsating color, the underlying sensuality. The other uses colors that are subtle and gentle, but with an underlying wit and mystery. This creates an exciting dialogue that is discovered in the work of the three together.

Member: Claire Robinson

Friend:    Rickie Sanders

Claire for Rickie Through collage, Rickie Sanders takes an idea, a concept, a message from compelling issues, and applies them to her work as she processes her creation. Her ability to begin with a story, to me, is an enviable skill. Her creations become the expression of the story or concept with which she began.  I work in the opposite direction with my photography. I will see or develop my concept after the photo is taken. I will glean from it, even go so far as to manipulate it, to clarify my vision within the photo. I chose Rickie as my “Gallery Friend” because she is firstly a good friend, but she also has the will to continue learning and developing the skills to become even better at our artistry.

Rickie for Claire Claire Robinson’s work is impressive in many ways. I’m always struck by the ‘silence’ in her work; the thoughtfulness; where it takes us; the emotions it unearths; the invitation to look deeply. Robinson always resists the temptation to hit us over the head with the message. What I see in her photographs and so admire is her love of the practice and the addiction to learning more. In following Robinson over the years, I have seen evidence of her growth and continued mastery of technique. Her work is technically precise in composition and messaging. I am honored that Claire chose me as her friend in 3rd Street Gallery’s Artists 2 Artists exhibition.



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