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InLiquid Programming
February 1, 2015
- May, 2015
River's Edge Gallery: 1525 River Road Upper Black Eddy, PA
Exhibition Artsy Shop
Annie Stone
Annie Stone has her BFA in textile design, and started making collages in 1995. Her beautiful and detailed work is informed by her sense of color, pattern and shapes. As in life, it is to maintain awareness and look beyond immediate impressions of surroundings, situations and human relationships as well as to honor and appreciate the complexity of nature and all creatures that inhabit the Earth. It is important to look deeper because there is more than meets the eye initially. Close examination of her work reveals complexities that would otherwise be missed. Things are not always as they seem at first glance.
She uses images cut from varied resources of nature, inspired by particular images, color and fine texture. She uses a very unique technique whereby the images are attached to each other, often interwoven with one another and layered in such a way as to create an organic shape of it’s own, creating a new relationship between the images used. The collages are not attached to anything else until it becomes framed. Her collages draw the viewer into a world of beauty and creativity, and encourage close examination of the details to better appreciate the whole.

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