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InLiquid AFTCP: Promotional Tool Kit

Thank you so much for participating in this year's Art For The Cash Poor. We're getting excited for the big day!
The event is two weeks away and we've been working hard to get the word out there. In order to reach the largest audience possible, we would love for you to share information about the day on your social media, website, and/or newsletters. We have put together a social media guide for all participating vendors that includes social media graphics, JPEGS, hashtags, and any other relevant information about the day to share with those in your network.

Spreading the word about AFTCP to your friends, family, colleagues, etc, means the world to us and to all those involved. Together, we can make this a great day for everyone. As always, we appreciate your participation and are excited for a fun-filled day.

Attached to this email you can find the full AFTCP Social Media Guide, and social media graphics. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of the team members at InLiquid, if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Social Media Guidelines

Art For The Cash Poor 2023 Social Media Guidelines

Thank you for participating in this year's Art for the Cash Poor!

We have put together an assortment of promotional images and banners which are available to help you promote the event to your friends, family, and network. As always, we do our best to market the event in every way we can, but your support and promotion helps in more ways than you can imagine!

If you have any images or videos that you’d like us to share, please tag us (as advised above). If you have any further questions please contact Sam Davis (

Attached please find a link to the event pages for Art For The Cash Poor 2023, please use this link in all posts pertaining to the event:
Our Website:

Posts + Sharing
Below are  square social media graphic, Facebook graphic, and a JPG emailer promoting the event available for you to use at your own discretion.

Please TAG InLiquid in all of your upcoming social media posts regarding the event:
- Facebook: @InLiquid
- Instagram: @inliquidart
- Twitter: @inliquidart
- Linkedin: @InLiquid

In your captions, please include any of the following information:
- Art For The Cash Poor 2023 will be held on June October 7th from 12-6PM
- Everything for sale is $250 or less!
- All proceeds from this event go directly to the artists
- This year’s event will feature over 100 vendors from across the region, selling handmade arts and crafts

Suggested hashtags usable on all social media platforms:
#AFTCP2023 #ArtfortheCashPoor #inliquidaftcp  #artforthecashpoor2023 #inliquidart